Overheard Hiking Runyon Canyon

Overheard Hiking Runyon Canyon

Do you ever wonder if the snippets of conversation you overhear from strangers in passing aren’t just random encounters, but things the universe wants you to hear? I do. It’s usually just a word here or a phrase there over the course of the day, but when you’re hiking busy Runyon Canyon in L.A., it’s a string of them. Here are my faves from this week’s hike, and in the order overheard. Messages from the universe? Maybe. Things that mean something to me? For sure.

Overheard Hiking Runyon Canyon

I like where I am.

But it’s good though.

I at least know my place.

Lesson in life.

I’m just waitin’ for it.

That girl, feeling humiliated, then having to dance; that type of nerve…

I knew, the moment you said it, don’t freak out.

Don’t die.

Walk straight.

She can’t see.
And she’s so cute and pretty.

I’m going as slow as I can.

Watch out for the hole.

I was listening the whole time.

I love following her; it’s so entertaining.

I have to get there early.

I was like, I gotta do it.

I”ll just have to remind her that day.

You gotta, like, learn how to tune out.

I don’t feel like myself right now.

You okay?

Stop running away.

You got a chance to turn around.
And do what?
Go back to the top.

I’m gonna pause for a minute.

I can’t see you.

Wearing the same shoes as me.
Wearing the same shoes as us.

This meditation thing is totally…

I emote and handle things as they come.

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