You Are The Center: Guided Meditation (4 Minutes)

You Are The Center: Guided Meditation (4 Minutes)

In this 4-minute meditation, you begin in the forest at sunset, standing at the entrance of a maze. Use the recording or, if you’re leading a meditation, you read it yourself using the transcript below.

You Are The Center

Close your eyes.

Focus on your breath, filling your body with a peaceful ease.

Take a few moments with this.

Breathe now however it comes, relaxing into this safe space.

You are in the forest at sunset, standing at the entrance of a maze.

The trees lining the path of the maze are too high for you to see your way through it, but radiating from the center of the maze is a white light diffused by the misty air.

You take your first step inside.

A gentle force pulls you.

It feels good.

You start walking.

You don’t know the way, but that’s okay. You know where you want to end up, and you know you can trust the power that’s pulling you there.

The air is cool on your skin and easy to breathe. It smells of pine needles. They’re lining your path as you walk, crunching gently under your feet.

The steps, they’re getting easier. In fact, it feels like slow motion, as the power that’s pulling you is growing stronger with every step you take.

That’s when it occurs to you that you haven’t had to make any turns. No choices to make in this maze. And just as the thought pops into your mind, a choice presents itself to be made.

There is no forward option for your next step, just right or left.

Only, it’s not something to think about.

The force only pulls you in one direction, so that’s the path you take.

The center is clearly much closer now.

You can see it.

Pins of light peeking through the maze’s tree branches.

You can feel it.

The air is warmer, in your breath and on your skin.

Your movement feels different too, like you’re part of the power that’s pulling you.

And with that realization, you arrive.

You drift inside the middle of the maze’s weightless center, misty air lit against your skin.

You are in the center. You are of the center. You are the center.

You are light. You are bright. You are everywhere.

Open your eyes.

You are light. You are bright. You are everywhere.

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