Love Today Comes Easy: Guided Meditation (5 Minutes)

Love Today Comes Easy: Guided Meditation (5 Minutes)

In this 5-minute guided meditation, you begin in the middle of a canyon. The only sign of life is a distant tree against a deep blue sky. Use the recording or, if you’re leading a meditation, you can read it yourself using the transcript below.

Love Today Comes Easy

Close your eyes and focus on your breath.

Take a few moments to feel its slow, steady flow.

A light breeze blows across your skin.

You’re standing in the middle of a canyon.

The only sign of life is a distant tree against a deep blue sky.

You start walking toward it, slowly and steadily.

It’s an easy, relaxing rhythm, of your breath and your stride.

You smell orange blossoms. That means you’re getting closer.

It feels good knowing you’re heading in the right direction.

As you get closer, you can see the white of the blossoms on the tree.

Closer still, you can see the oranges. The tree is full of them.

Just a few more steps, and you’re there, standing at the tree.

A message is chiseled into its trunk.

It reads: “Fill the sack and carry on.”

A burlap sack is hanging from a branch. You take it.

The tree is heavy with oranges, so it’s easy to pick them from its low-hanging branches.

You pick an orange and drop it in the sack. You pick another and drop it in. Another, and another.

You realize your sack should be getting heavier, but instead it feels lighter with every new orange you drop inside.

You make your way around the perimeter of the tree. Picking an orange and dropping it in. Picking another and dropping it in.

The sack is lighter still. In fact, you see now it’s floating six inches off the ground.

You pick another orange and drop it in. Another. And another.

Your sack floats higher still, pulling you with it off the ground. You’re now floating above the tree branches, so high that you’re able to pick them off the top.

Your sack is almost full.

You only need one more orange.

There it is, the one you want.

You pick the orange, drop it in, and your sack is finally full – so full that it floats away, taking you with it.

It feels good.

You are free and full of everything you hoped anything could ever be.

As you float higher, you see that you’re not alone.

There’s someone else in the distance, floating away from an orange tree just like yours. As the two of you float higher, sacks in hand, you also move closer to one another.

You can see who it is now. It’s someone you love.

You reach out a hand to them just as they are reaching a hand out to you. You hold hands, exchange a smile, and enjoy the ride as it carries you higher, together, into the deep blue sky.

Open your eyes.

Your body is light.

Your breath is soft.

Love today comes easy.


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