Brenda Ueland: “Anyone Can Write, Any Old Way”

Brenda Ueland: “Anyone Can Write, Any Old Way”

Does the fear of not being good enough hold you back from writing, or trying any other artistic endeavor? Brenda Ueland’s book, If You Want to Write: A Book about Art, Independence, and Spirit, can help you get past this anxiety no matter the art form. Plus, once you get past creative anxiety, being creative can help relieve your anxiety overall. I know it does me. For more on the book, including my favorite quotes, here’s a piece I wrote about it: Brenda Ueland: “Anyone Can Write, Any Old Way.” (Note, this link takes you to my other site,

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I’ve been a working writer for 20 years, covering a wide range of topics, but mostly mental health, financial literacy, and other social issues. In 2016, I created, an informative, inspirational website helping women manage anxiety. How-to's, essays, guided meditations, and journaling exercises. In 2020, I'm headed back to school for an MA in Clinical Psychology; I want to practice expressive writing therapy. On the creative side, I write plays, screenplays, and short stories. Currently, I'm chipping away at a collection of horror stories inspired by childhood events.

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