Trust What You Know: Guided Meditation (4 Minutes)

Trust What You Know: Guided Meditation (4 Minutes)

In this 4-minute guided meditation, you begin sitting peacefully in warm, white sand. You’re at the beach and you have it all to yourself. Use the recording or, if you’re leading a meditation, you can read it yourself using the transcript below.

Trust What You Know

Close your eyes.

Feel your breath flowing deep into your body.

Feel your breath releasing itself just as easily.

Spend a few moments in this tranquil space, letting your breath and your body just be.

There you are, sitting peacefully in warm white sand.

It’s the beach. And you have it all to yourself.

You feel heat from above on your skin.

It’s the sun, hanging high in the sky.

You feel your skin quickly cooling.

It’s the breeze. You catch the scent of the sea.

You hear the flow of water.

It’s the waves. They’re rolling in slow and easy.

You hear birds calling.

It’s seagulls. They’re flying in a flock overhead.

You see something wash up on shore.

It’s seaweed. And it retreats with the water back into the ocean.

You see something on the horizon.

It’s a sailboat. The sail is blue and green.

You hear an engine overhead.

It’s a small airplane. A yellow one slowly moving across the sky.

You see the plane is pulling a message.

In purple letters against a white backdrop it reads: Trust what you know.

Trust what you know.

You feel a calming energy pass through your body.

It’s quiet.

It’s easy.

It’s peace.

Open your eyes.

Trust what you know.


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2 thoughts on “Trust What You Know: Guided Meditation (4 Minutes)”

    • Hi, Lisa! Yes, that is me. So glad you like it! Actually, recording my own voice for these has turned out to be a great exercise in managing my anxiety. Scared to do it, but doing it anyway 🙂

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